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Engaging Ways to Download IGTV Videos-[iOs and Android]

Engaging Ways to Download IGTV Videos-[iOs and Android]
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To compete with Google’s YouTube, Instagram introduced IGTV, a long-form video format, in 2018. You can upload a video from 15 sec to 10 minutes(up to 1 hour for verified account users). In recent days, IGTV has grown enormously. Millions of IGTV videos are uploaded daily, and most users are trying to get more Instagram TV views which is essential for users like creators, influencers, and startups to promote their content to a large audience. Views play a vital role in getting famous on IGTV. If your videos get fewer views, they will go unnoticed. To analyze and follow the significant factors (good content, use of hashtags, knowing audience preference, target audience, etc.) to maximize IGTV views.

Downloading an IGTV video and posting it on your IGTV channel is against copyright law, and by doing this, you’ll breach Instagram rules and regulations. So upload videos with your content and avoid reposting others’ content on your IGTV. 

You can save the particular video to watch later. But it does not allow us to download IGTV videos. Here I will share some tricks to download videos on iOS and Android.

Steps to download an IGTV video on iOs and Android

Most users on Instagram create IGTV videos to share their informative content with friends and family. People create engaging content to get more Instagram TV views for their videos and expand their reach by enhancing more audiences to their account. If users found the content on IGTV as interesting, it tends them to download it for watching in future. The steps below show the engaging tips to download IGTV videos.

Download igtv videos with Siri shortcuts

iPhone users can download IGTV videos using the shortcuts app; you can also download reels and videos using this app. After downloading the shortcuts app on your iPhone using iCloud or routing hub, you can save IGTV videos, Reels, and Stories to the gallery when you allow the “Download from Instagram” option. You can download IGTV videos only if a user has a public Instagram account.

Download using Documents App on iPhone

Before downloading an IGTV video using a documents app, first, you need to copy a URL of an IGTV video and then paste it into the Documents app. Tap on the browser icon and go to the transfer. You can paste the URL into that app and receive a download link. Click the download link to start downloading your video.

Steps to download IGTV videos on Android

Download using “IGTV video downloader” on Android

There are many ways to download an IGTV video on Android. It is simple and easy compared to downloading on an iPhone. Use the “IGTV Video Downloader” app to download IGTV videos,

you need to copy a video URL, paste it into the app, and click the download button to start downloading the video.

Download using Third-party Apps

On Android phones, you have the advantage of using a third-party application to download your videos. Save is one of the third-party applications used to download IGTV videos. You cannot find this application on the Google play store, and you need to download it from the browser. The steps you need to follow to download an IGTV video are

  1. Launch the app, tap the Instagram icon in the upper right corner of the main window
  2. Click on the copy link property option.
  3. It automatically takes you to the saveo app
  4. The download appears to click on that, and it starts downloading the particular video.

“Keep It” video downloader for IGTV and Instagram.

Another way to download IGTV videos on Android is to use the Keep It Video downloader. This app allows you to download multiple videos simultaneously without any struggles. Follow these steps to download a video using this app,

  1. Tap on the start service icon
  2. Open Instagram
  3. Click on the three-dot icon
  4. Click on the Copy link option
  5. Click the start downloading option

By clicking the start downloading option, you can download a particular video from IGTV that is directly stored on your device.


Well, the steps above allow you to download IGTV videos, but you should repost a video only if you get permission from a specific user or content creator. Downloading an IGTV video on iOs is a bit of a complicated process because there are no specific apps to download. But in Android, it becomes easier to download IGTV; there are a lot of apps on the play store and third-party apps.

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